Carpenters and the Carillion Crisis

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The Bankruptcy of Carillion

Carillion was one of the most important construction companies in the United Kingdom. Its recent bankruptcy will have a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals. The construction industry in general tends to create a lot of jobs. Major changes within the construction industry can therefore lead to the loss of countless jobs.

Unemployed Carpenters

Many construction apprentices first got started with Carillion. Carillion was still offering thousands of positions to young carpenters when the company failed. Thousands of apprentice carpenters may have to start completely new careers now.

These carpenters will suffer from short-term income losses. However, it’s even more important to analyze how the bankruptcy of Carillion will affect people in their industry in the long run.

The availability of work for carpenters fluctuates heavily. Some jobs are more or less needed in every area and in all economies. Medical jobs are like that. Carpentry work is very different.

Carpenters rely on funding for certain construction projects. When major companies collapse, that funding can quickly disappear. Carpenters won’t be able to find work at all under circumstances like that.

It seems that the loss of Carillion means that there may be less demand for the services of carpenters in some areas. Lots of carpenters more or less owe their careers to Carillion.

The carpenters might find new work in the future. However, they won’t be able to smoothly transition to other carpentry jobs at other companies. Carillion had too much control over carpentry jobs in many areas.

Community Shifts

Economies in certain areas more or less depended on the jobs that Carillion created. There will be entire communities full of unemployed people now. Some people might have to move in order to find work.

It’s possible that these moves will happen on a particularly broad scale. Communities that more or less depended on jobs from Carillion may disintegrate as a result of these changes. Too many communities have been built around Carillion. They may falter right along with this company.

Infrastructure and the Private Sector

Carillion was a powerful force behind many public infrastructure projects. The sudden loss of an organization like this could have a strong effect on the nature of the local infrastructure in some areas.

Many organizations have criticized companies like Carillion. It’s often argued that private companies should not play such a major role in the construction of public infrastructure. It’s possible that the situation involved with Carillion will become something of a useful case study in the future for people interested in such topics.

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