How carpenters can help with a garage conversion

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While carpenters don’t usually complete entire garage conversions single-handedly, they can be an essential part of the team that makes it possible. Carpenters – thanks to their expertise in working with wood –  create beautiful features in your garage, transforming it from its ho-hum appearance today into something spectacular. 

Here we’re going to take a look at some of the ways that a carpenter can help with a garage conversion. Check out why you might need one below. 

Carpenters Help Complete Structural Work

Sometimes when you convert a garage, you need to perform additional structural work. Many homeowners, for instance, want to add traditional, pitched roofs to their garages (if it doesn’t have one already) to add interior volume. A pitched roof, however, often requires custom joists and, therefore, the assistance of a carpenter. 

The role of the carpenter here is almost entirely structural. Their job is to create joists that hold the roof in place while at the same time providing additional support for a possible mezzanine floor addition or storage area (depending on the size of the garage conversion). Using a professional carpenter to complete structural work is vital if your garage conversion is to remain safe and robust over the long term. 

Carpenters Craft Timber-Framed Windows

The average garage conversion contractor probably doesn’t have the tools or experience to craft custom windows frames. Sure, they’ll be able to fit pre-fabricated options, but they won’t have the skills to create something truly bespoke. 

Again, here, you could benefit from a professional carpenter on the team. With a carpenter, you can create window frames that suit the theme of your conversion and get something that has a unique style. 

Improperly prepared and constructed wooden window can deteriorate over time. Carpenters, however, help you avoid this problem, reducing your long-term maintenance costs and making your new garage space more energy efficient, no matter how you’re planning on using it. 

Carpenters Provide Fitted Furniture

While the majority of garage conversions use regular furniture, fitted furniture can take the experience to a whole new level.

Fitted furniture is simply furniture that you permanently install in a room. For instance, a bedroom might have a fitted wardrobe integrated along a wall. Likewise, a family library might have fitted shelving for books and other items. 

Fitted furniture in your garage can be a great option too, but again, it’s not the sort of thing that a standard garage conversion contractor can do by themselves. Often they need the help of experienced carpenters. 

People include all kinds of fitted furniture in garage conversions, depending on how they plan on using the space. For those using their garages as boot rooms, integrated seating can help. For others creating a new living room, integrated wooden shelving can be a great addition. Cinema rooms can benefit too from built-in cupboards and cabinets surrounding the main screen. 

Hopefully, you’ve learned something important in this post. The critical point is that carpenters offer specialist services that you’re unlike to find “in-house” when you go to a garage conversion company. In short, carpenters are an essential part of the garage conversion team.

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