How Carpenters Can Help Property Developers

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If you’re looking to make a profitable resale on a house, there’s a long renovation checklist to go through. Once the builders and plumbers have addressed any major issues, it’s time to look at the property’s energy efficiency, interior decor, and the outside area. These factors can add a serious benefit when it comes to valuation, and a skilled carpenter can help developers to turn a good property into a great one.

Here, we take a look at some of the main ways that carpenters can help developers to make significant improvements to a property.

Timber Framed Windows

Although UPVC frames are the general go-to for energy efficiency and security, timber framed windows can offer the same benefits, but with a much more appealing aesthetic. Available with double glazing, energy efficient seals, and modern locking systems, timber windows don’t compromise on any of the requirements of modern living. From the traditional sliding box to contemporary casement windows, there’s a range of styles and woods available for developers to choose from. Timber windows add great character to any property, and can particularly help retain the value of older buildings, as well as village or countryside properties.

Bespoke fitted furniture

In many cases, properties may have irregular sized rooms, perhaps from interior walls being added or removed, or just due to the quirky nature of some older buildings. In this case, it can be difficult to find furniture to fit particular spaces, openings or alcoves. Wardrobes and cupboards can often refuse to fit, or appear out-of-place with unsightly gaps either side gathering dust. With bespoke fitted furniture, carpenters can add built-in storage solutions that both look great, and can correct the shape of a room if required. From kitchen cupboards, to bedroom wardrobes, to bathroom cabinets, custom fitted furniture is a great addition to any property.

Decorative Woodwork

Most of the time, carpentry is working towards a practical goal. In some cases however, woodwork can add value to a property through purely decorative means. One of the most popular aspects of decorative carpentry is in the addition of ceiling beams to add a rustic feel. Popular in both town and country properties alike, wooden ceiling beams offer a highly desirable look and style to rooms on all floors. Although they may offer no real structural significance, ceiling beams add a great deal of character, helping spaces to look more homely and traditional, and as such can be used to add value to all types of property.

Something for the garden

To make any property stand out and achieve its highest possible valuation, you’ll want to ensure it excels in every area, and this includes the garden too. There are many ways a carpenter can add value to a property outside as well as inside. New garden fences can ensure security and privacy, and are available in a rage of styles and timbers to suit any building. Garden decking is also a desirable feature, splitting a garden into sections, and providing somewhere to set furniture and a BBQ for summer evenings. Finally, why not consider a wooden garden shed? Most homeowners opt for cheap plastic sheds for ease of construction, but any property that offers a sturdy, spacious, well-built and attractive outside storage area is sure to get noticed.

Whether you’re a professional developer, or just a homeowner looking to add extra value before selling, Leicester carpentry are ready to help. With over 25 years experience, and expertise in every aspect of carpentry, we offer a reliable and affordable service in Leicestershire, and throughout the UK. To discuss your project, arrange a home visit, or request a quote, please contact our team today.

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