Carpentry projects for the garden

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Gardening is not just about plants. It is about enjoying your outdoor space as an extension of your home. Building wood items and constructing them with a carpenter to enhance the space can be a great way to help turn your garden into an outdoor room.

A Bench

A bench is a great carpentry project to start with. Adding outdoor-friendly custom furniture is a great first step in treating your garden as an outdoor room. Depending on your skill level, you can start with something incredibly simple, with no back and no arms, or you could do something much fancier.

Rot resistant woods, like cedar, are a great choice. Another great idea is to limit nails and other metal parts. They can rust, thereby leaving stains, and can potentially catch on clothes.

A Tree Bench

One of the more fun things you can add to your garden is a bench that surrounds a large shade tree. This is not intended to harm the tree. You should leave room for it to grow. But it maximizes the ability to seat people in a coveted shady spot while adding a high degree of charm.

These kinds of benches are typically painted. Although you should still favor all wood construction and rot resistant materials, the fact that it will be painted gives you some additional protection that plain wood lacks. For a beginner level project, choose a simple square design. If you have more advanced skills, you can go with a fancier design that wraps around the tree more elegantly.

A Potting Table

If you are a serious gardener, you might actually prefer to start with a potting table as your first project. A table designed to be a comfortable height for you to work at while standing, without having to hunch over, can greatly enhance your experience of tending to your garden. Including some built-in storage, such as shelves, can increase the value of this project.

Again, you should go with rot and pest resistant hardwood. This is part of why cedar is such a popular choice for outdoor projects. You have a little more leeway here for using metal hardware, especially if you intend to place it up against the side of the house under the eaves, thereby protecting it some from rain.

You should think of your garden as an extension of your living space. Then you can add weather-resistant wood projects to enhance your enjoyment of it.

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