Carpentry Trends Which Never Go Out Of Fashion

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When it comes to finishing your home, there are various styles which have come and gone over the years. From wood-panelled walls to linoleum flooring, there’s an abundance of trends that are best left firmly in the past. There are some woodwork styles which never go out of fashion however, due to either their timeless elegance or their practical uses.

We take a look at some of the most popular carpentry trends around the home that have never gone away, and are just as popular now as they’ve ever been.

Wall rails and trims

Picture rails, dado rails, and ceiling trims are a budget-friendly and attractive addition to any room, and work well in helping to break up the large expanse of a single wall. Picture rails also provide the added practical benefit of allowing you to hang photos or artwork, without needing to drill or hammer into your wall, spoiling its finish.

Ceiling trims, particularly in the form of crown moulding, are used to seal the joint between wall and ceiling with a neat and ornate aesthetic. This is particularly popular in older building such as Victorian terraces and Edwardian townhouses, as a way to help recapture the original period décor of the property.

Hardwood flooring

Although carpet is still a popular flooring solution, more and more homeowners are choosing to ditch the fibres in favour of hardwood flooring. The practical reasons for hardwood flooring are numerous, such as being easier to dust and clean (ideal if you live with small children or pets). It’s also long-lasting, and unlike carpets, is less prone to fading, discolouration, or becoming worn down over time.

Certain styles of hardwood flooring may come and go – for example, parquet flooring isn’t to everyone’s taste – but you can’t go wrong with solid oak panelling. As with ceiling rails and trims, hardwood flooring is particularly popular with period properties, as it fits well with the aesthetic of the building

Bespoke Furniture

If you’re looking for something that matches both the style and shape of your home, bespoke furniture is the ideal choice. Finding a harmony between practicality and aesthetics, you can enjoy wardrobes, shelves, cabinets, and other storage solutions that work with your home. Unlike pre-made or flat-pack items, bespoke furniture is made-to-measure, so it can be made to fit irregular room shapes, alcoves, and cubby holes alike with neatness and precision.

The practical benefits don’t stop there, as bespoke furniture will help keep your home much tidier, as well as being easier to clean. With less narrow gaps separating furniture from walls, you’ll have less small and awkward spaces to clean and dust.

Ceiling beams

With their rustic charm and cosy appeal, ceiling beams are the perfect way to add both warmth and character to a room. Normal ceiling beams are an actual building feature, used as load-bearing solutions in older properties. However, with the popularity of the ceiling-beam aesthetic, it’s possible to purchase faux beams to achieve this desired look. Available as wooden designs, mostly with hollowed out interiors, they can be added to any home seeking that extra bit of personality.

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