Common Questions About Carpentry Answered

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What is the role of a carpenter?

Carpenters are those who utilize mathematical prowess in order to complete complex or manual construction projects. Most of the materials that they build are built from mostly wood and other materials. They commonly work in either residential or non-residential buildings. However, the scope of their job can range from typical buildings to constructing parts of highways and bridges. While specific carpentry tasks can be different based on the complexity of the project, most start from a set of instructions or blueprints. The materials that they use are cut, shaped and is eventually joined together through the use of adhesives. There are different specialities of carpenters as well. Typically, those who work in home remodelling require a broader set of skills and based on their proficiency, they can switch from residential building to commercial construction projects.

How Does One Become A Carpenter?

The field of carpentry differs from others in that employers will seek to evaluate your performance on-site. You can gain invaluable experience if you start by working as a labourer. In addition, you may also take a college course in carpentry and eventually translate that into an apprenticeship. In order to work on a building site, you will most certainly require a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card.

What is the hourly rate/income?

According to, the average salary for a carpenter is £16.56 per hour. Other sources have cited hourly wages as low as £7.60 and as high as £19.12. This places the annual salary between £15,070 to £39,469.

What are the skills of a carpenter?

There are a number of essential skills needed in order to become a successful carpenter. Perhaps the most important one is attention to detail. Adding the finishing touches to certain structures, securing floorboards and having the proper judgement to know which tools to use will be expected of you. This coincides with following directions and technical drawings that will guide you on what project you are working on including doors, windows, kitchen carpentry and many other home improvement projects. You will also require math skills, in order to make sure you have precise measurements to work with. Another important requirement is making sure you are in good health. Being a carpenter can be physically demanding. If you are not at optimal health, you may not be able to meet the requirements of being a carpenter.

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