Construction of a garden bench using carpentry

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Constructing a garden bench can be accomplished easier than you may think. Whether you have carpentry skills or not, anyone can do this with these easy steps. For more advanced bespoke furniture you can seek free advice from one of our carpenters by calling 01455 891531


The tools alone to construct the project will be a miter saw, kreg jig, tape measure, pencil, speed square, eye and ear protection, orbital sander, cordless drill and kreg screws.

If you do not have access to one of the tools listed, nor does a friend or family member own any, you may be able to rent a tool from a hardware store in the area. When it comes to the lumber you will need 12 2×4 boards. That’s all.



The next phase would be to cut the wood to construct your garden bench. You will need to cut 9 of them at 53 inches. 15 of the boards will need cut+ at 25.5 inches and 2 of the boards at 28.5 inches long.

When you go to the store to buy the lumber, ask them to cut it for you. All you need is to give the measurments to the workers.



When the cut lumber is to measure, sanding is required for all the wood with 120 grit, then a 250 sand paper.

When all the wood becomes sanded down, make the shape of the seat. Retrieve the 2 53″ pieces and 5 of the 25″ pieces, and construct the pieces into a rectangle shape.

Making the arms and legs, you will make just one side at a time. Take 2 of the 25.5″ pieces and 1 of the 28.5″ pieces. Attach the 28.5″ pieces at the top of the 2 25.5″ pieces. These will be the legs.

The 25″ pieces will be the arms,and the 28.5″ pieces will be the legs. You will drill the screws straight through the top of the arms and into the legs. Add a 25.5″ support 14″ up from the bottom of the leg and 1 25.5″.

Afterwards, turn it on its side and put it underneath. Add an extra 25.5″ support piece under the armrest on its side.

Next, attach the legs and arm pieces to the seat base you created first. Have someone help you with this part.

If you don’t have any help, you can always use hardware clamps. To finish it off, add 6 of the 53″ pieces on top of the rectangle seat base for actual seating. Drill the screws straight into the seat support underneath.

Now if desired, you can fill in the screw holes and give it a nice paint job. For further advice or a free quote for carpentry work please feel free to contact Leicester Carpentry where a carpenter can arrange a visit to your home to discuss your requirements.

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