How timber framed windows fit well in a country home

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If you’re the owner of a country home then you know that it brags plenty of rustic charm, the problem comes though when it’s time to improve your home and upgrade your window frames. Typical UPVC framed windows may not work well in a home which has wooden beams, old style brick and a farmhouse look, which means an alternative will need to be sourced.

Leicester Carpentry are happy to introduce timber framed windows available to those across the UK. These windows come in a variety of styles including sliding box sash, casement windows, traditional flush and bay shapes. They are perfect for those who may have a listed building or an old home in the Bosworth area.

Why choose timber framed windows over UPVC?

One major factor of timber is that it’s much more environmentally friendly over traditional UPVC. Renovation or reconstruction of homes using timber means it’s from a sustainable source – wood! Trees can be replanted and nurtured to use again, UPVC on the other hand when being created, or when it comes to be disposed of, it gives of dangerous fumes which are harmful for the environment. UPVC is from an unsustainable source which will eventually run out.

Timber framed windows provide a natural and traditional look to any home, they are particularly useful for bringing listed buildings up to date with the latest regulations and insulation values. Many of the benefits people associate with UPVC windows also apply to timber framed windows, including secure locks and modern seals.

A variety of different materials and finishes

Window frames can be crafted from either hard or soft woods, using high quality accoya woods – our recommended manufacturer. There are many companies that will try to undercut companies by offering cheap materials and whilst the price may be appealing at first, it offers no long term benefit when the wood starts to rot or the frames become lose.

We finish our frames with a Teknos micro porus paint system. This is a spray system which allows the wood to breath and therefore increase longevity. This can be used with high performance ovolo or 20% spray.

If having your windows replaced with timber frames, why not consider having your doors match? Timber doors can look effective in a country home and keep everything with the same rustic appeal.

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