How To Prepare Your Home For Building Work Or Renovations

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Organising and planning work on your home can be an exciting time, and it’s easy to feel impatient as soon as you’ve had a great idea. However, before you arrange for workers to arrive, it’s a great idea to make yourself a checklist of things that need to be done beforehand. This will ensure that the coming days, weeks, or even months of work are able to run smoothly for both yourself and your contractors.

To make the process easier for you, we’ve put together a handy list to get you started.

Check for restrictions

There are numerous potential restrictions on any building work, so it’s advisable to do a thorough check first. If you’re building an extension, or making a major change to your property, you may need planning permission from your local planning authority. Useful information and links for planning application can be found at, here. If you’re lucky enough to live in a listed building (there’s over half a million of them in the UK) you’ll no doubt already be aware that it’s illegal to carry out unauthorised work on listed features. If you’re unsure about the status of your property, you can check with Historic England.

Clear your space

Once you’re ready to arrange the work, the first thing to do is thoroughly clear out the area in advance. For the benefit of yourself and your contractors, it’s best to minimise any delays by ensuring easy access to the space in question, as well as adequate room for work and tools. Furniture may be cleared away into other rooms along with your possessions, however depending on the nature of the work, or the quantity of your items, you may wish to investigate short-term storage services too. Clearing away all obstructions will also uncover any extra work which may need attention, such as cracks, rot and damp patches.

Organise your items

Whenever you clear out a room at home – whether you’re moving house or renovating – you’re always bound to uncover more items than you knew you owned. This makes it the perfect opportunity to sort through your possessions. You may decide to hire a skip, which will come in handy for disposing of old junk, as well as helping your contractors to keep your property tidy as they work. Bag up anything which you think may be suitable for charity donation, and then divide up which of your possessions you’ll be transferring elsewhere in your home, and which will need to go into storage.

Prepare a temporary routine

Although you’ll be rewarded with great results at the end of your project, there’s no denying that ongoing building work can cause a certain level of disruption to your daily habits. If work is only planned for a short period of time, you may prefer to stay with friends or family, or perhaps book into a hotel. If the work is likely to be ongoing, decide which rooms will be out-of-bounds, and which will be available to both you and your contractors. If your bedroom or kitchen is affected, remember to set up another room with sleeping or food prep facilities. Finally, if you have small children, make sure they’re also aware of where they can and can’t go, for safety reasons.

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