Reasons Why Carpenters Choose Timber

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Timber is a term used to describe wood that has been processed into beams and planks. Beams and planks are used in the construction of many items, including furniture and homes. Timber is a popular choice among carpenters, joiners and tradesman due to standard building practices, cost effectiveness, time required to find and process wood and the availability of timber over other woods.

Standard Building Practices


There is no legal requirement to use timber when constructing aesthetic items. However, there are concerns regarding furniture, and items that need to be constructed correctly to avoid health concerns. For instance, using oak logs to construct a home will can result in a foundation that is not level, corners that are not square, and an overall unstable construction. To avoid these problems, carpenters prefer to use timber for a variety of projects such as custom furniture or timber framed windows. Timber can be purchased so that every piece is uniform, which makes stability more likely and easier to accomplish in buildings and furniture. Meanwhile, pieces of wood, like oak, can still be incorporated into a home or piece of furniture, but they should be avoided as pieces that are integral to the stability of the home.

Cost Effectiveness

Wood production requires several expensive tools, many of which are too expensive to be worth the trouble. First, cutting down a tree requires a chainsaw capable of the task, which requires an elongated chain that is often fairly expensive. Cutting the lumber is much faster and effective when using a mill, which a carpenter will most likely not have access to. Lastly, hauling the timber may require a fairly large truck. Meanwhile, if a carpenter uses store-bought lumber, then his or her costs are reduced significantly since costly tools and equipment are removed from consideration.

Time Requirements

Purchasing timber is faster than finding, felling and sawing wood alone. Even if the wood is not made into timber, finding the wood can take awhile. If the carpenter is a professional, then the effort put into making timber will not yield much profit.

Availability of Wood

Some areas restrict the felling of wood, or the area may not have wood available to be cut down. A carpenter may have to travel to find wood, whereas a hardware store or mill in the area will have timber available. The species of wood and hardness also factor into individual projects, which makes timber an ideal choice because it has a larger selection.

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