The Benefits of Getting a Customised Kitchen

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At Leicester Carpentry the old ways are not lost. Our experienced crews of fitted kitchen designers and installers have maintained the traditions of the art and craft of professional carpentry. And so it is when you call up and ask our company what we can do to perk up a tired kitchen, our response is “quite a lot.”

Our highly regarded carpentry skills are known here in Leicester, where we make our home and work place and create our bespoken cabinetry and furniture. During our 25 year tenure, we have been responsible for scores of very amazing kitchen makeovers.

So you might ask, “why should I consider a custom kitchen for my home?”


Today’s kitchens offer many conveniences and options that were unheard of only a short time ago. Times change and with them, so do preferences. They make your life easier and effectively utilize wasted space that can be put to better use.

A custom kitchen is a good investment. Of all the possible improvements that you might consider, an up to date kitchen is the one that makes economic sense. Every bit of the money you invest in upgrading will add to your home’s value. Should you decide to sell, you will be able to get your money out of the kitchen improvement costs.

Bring your kitchen up to date. If your kitchen is 15 years old or more, your appliances have become dated. If your family has grown, consider adding an additional oven to your line up. Trends indicate a growing preference for natural materials such as granite are being requested by homeowners in the UK to effect a more upscale image to their new custom designed kitchen.

Besides using the very best materials, our master craftsmen will eliminate wasted shelf and storage spaces within your cabinets. Wouldn’t a pull out pantry be a blessing? How about pull our shelves and corner cabinets with built in turn tables? These features actually enlarge a kitchen’s usable space without need to bust through walls.

Our goal is to make your new kitchen a pleasure to work in. Kitchens have increasingly become a focus of family life. With that in mind, a bespoken kitchen by Leicester Carpentry can turn your kitchen into a more comfortable haven, where your family can comfortably gather. With the addition of free-standing furniture, you can expand your space to suit the family’s needs and add more flexibility to your floor plan.

Count on Leicester Carpentry to provide you with an excellent design plan along with a full estimate of the costs involved to transform your kitchen.

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