The roles and responsibilities of a good carpenter

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Here at Leicester carpentry, we’re experts in a whole host of carpentry and joinery tasks. From windows and doors to bespoke furniture, we’ve got it covered. But when you hire a carpenter for a job or project, there are many things going on behind the scenes that you may not be aware of.

When it comes to delivering impressive results, there’s a checklist of items that may not necessarily have crossed your mind. To give you a better idea of the standards our dedicated team work to, we’ve compiled a run-down of a carpenters’ roles which may not be aware of.

Recommending the perfect materials

Some customers have a clear idea of their project from the outset, but often a carpenter’s clients will look to them for recommendations. This is where a vast experience of projects and materials can prove very handy. When it comes to wooden framed windows or other home fittings (such a UPVC), a good carpenter can assess the requirements of the build, the desired aesthetic of the outcome, and of course the customer’s budget, to suggest the ideal solution. By finding the perfect type of wood to match both your tastes and your finances, your carpenter will save you both time and money in the long run.

Ensuring health and safety

An extensive knowledge of health and safety – and not just for their own benefit – is essential to any carpenter. When working at a client’s home, it’s important to be aware of residents, visitors, and especially children who may be occupying the same space. In most cases, a carpenter will request their own space to complete a task, but will still have a responsibility to maintain electrical safety and keep dangerous tools monitored at all times. To ensure minimal disruption, a professional carpenter will always have a dedicated workshop where the bulk of the work can be done, before any necessary fittings go ahead.

Choosing the right tools

If work is being carried out at a client’s home or workplace, a good carpenter can assess the requirements upfront, and arrive for work armed with the right tools for the job. This is another element of the profession where past experience is beneficial, providing a carpenter with the insight needed to complete a task as quickly and as possible. Multiple trips to the workshop would only serve to delay completion, and any professional carpenter prides themselves on efficiency.

Quality inspections

Professional craftsmanship means complete end-to-end service. Whether providing a piece of furniture or a whole new house, a professional carpenter will carry out a thorough inspection of their work following completion.

Here at Leicester carpentry and joinery, we have over 25 years of experience across a huge range of products and services. This includes bespoke home and office furniture, bedroom and kitchen design, door and window fittings, porches, conservatories, and even whole new buildings. We source only the highest quality materials, complete most work from our dedicated workshop, and can tailor any product to meet your specific needs, as well as offer expert suggestions where required.

If you’d like to discuss a project idea, arrange a home visit for a quote, or have any other queries relation to carpentry and joinery services, then please contact our professional team today.

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