Time to Consider Timber for your Window Frames

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Home and property owners face a wealth of decisions when it comes to the value, integrity, and environmental friendliness of their houses. Accurately evaluating all of the factors to be considered, and weighing the pros and cons of each decision can be challenging. However, some decisions are relatively easy when the facts are placed in front of you. One such decision is the one that exists between PVC windows and timber window frames. Timber frames have a considerable number of advantages over other materials on the market. There are a wealth of environmental and financial benefits that allow timber framing to be the clear choice for homeowners.


A Winner Out of the Gate

In terms of pure durability, timber windows outperform when compared to the competition. Compared to PVC models, timber frames are proven to last twice as long. The average PVC fitting has a lifespan of only 30 years while the average timber frame has an average lifespan of 72 years. Additionally, these kinds of windows cost less to maintain over time, providing you with better long-term value.

The Eco-Benefits

The long-term impact on the environment is also substantially better when you side with timber windows. The results are evident when you evaluate the manufacturing processes for each type of window. Timber frames actually store more carbon than is actually produced when manufacturing them. On the other hand, PVC frames add considerable amounts of KgCO2e into the environment when they are produced.

Wood frames for your windows also offer much higher levels of insulation for the home when compared to other framing materials. The result is additional savings when it comes to heating and cooling the home. They are also proven to add value. Whether replacing windows in a home where there is already a substantial amount of wood present or building a new home, this choice is one that pays off as an investment upfront and over time.

The Freedom of Timber

There is greater versatility when it comes to the aesthetics of the home as well. PVC frames offer very little freedom to homeowners when it comes to style and appearance. Timber frames can come in a variety of finishes that allow you to choose from a wealth of textures and shades. The timber that you choose does not have to adhere to a traditional format. There are a large number of modern finishes that offer just as much style and durability.

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