Top Materials Used in Modern Kitchen Design

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For a truly satisfying and functional outcome a kitchen design must incorporate carefully considered materials. Here are some kitchen design materials worth examining, some of which can be supplied by Leicester Carpentry.


Among the most versatile and cost effective materials available is subway tile. Calling up visions of metro stations and diners, the subway tile has become a modern, yet classic, design staple. The 3” x 6” tightly grouted tiles lend a clean, sleek but homey, look to kitchen back-splashes, walls and floors. Subway tile is very durable and may be installed in different patterns like herringbone, brick, horizontal and vertical. They are easy to install and clean, come bevelled and bevelled, offer a uniform look and are available in a range of price points.

Oak and Timber

The popularity of reclaimed oak and timber for use in kitchen design has grown at lightning pace. Going “au natural” in the kitchen with reclaimed wood creates a warm and organic feel. Unique colouration from oxidation and weathering transforms reclaimed wood into custom finishes with personality and texture. Many homeowners appreciate the eco-friendliness of it, too. As current taste trends shift toward simplicity, re-purposed oak and timber have become very affordable and work well as kitchen flooring, open-shelving and wall surfaces. Many of Leicester custom fitted kitchens are made from Oak and Timber of the highest quality.

The understated gleam of warm metals adds a special dimension to kitchen design. Iron, bronze and copper toned metals are showing up on kitchen taps, hardware, range hoods and counter top edges. These details bring an inviting glow and make subtle but noticeable impact on the room. Warm metal accents are available in styles that can lend vintage, handmade or contemporary vibes. Inexpensive sheet metals may be used to make custom wall, back-splash and floor coverings that create soft or bold effects.

Concrete materials in kitchens

Concrete is an interesting material to incorporate into kitchen design. Looks from urban industrial to old world rustic can be achieved using concrete on floors, counters and bench tops. Entire work islands can be fashioned from concrete. Concrete colour choices are unlimited and pigments, dyes and stains create unique looks. Materials like glass and tile can be embedded to add further visual interest. Concrete counter-tops and floors can be scored, left smooth or patterned. Concrete can be expensive to install, but with the proper sealer reapplied at instructed increments, it becomes an excellent investment in the home.


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