What services can our carpenter provide for your home this summer?

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With the summer approaching you may want to look at home renovation, whether it be exterior through windows and doors or handmade furniture for the inside of your home. This can be done before the nice whether comes about or if your planning on going on holiday this summer, our carpenter and joiner can work whilst you are away with the work being completed on arrival back at your property. Below are some of the services Leicester Carpentry can provide for you this summer.

Handmade Kitchens


We provide a variety of options when it comes to the renovation or fitting of a new kitchen to which we provide a custom solution to get exactly what you are looking for. Our carpenters can provide a range of different woods along with finishes with combined can create different styles using the best quality materials we can provide anything from modern work surfaces to country style kitchens, whichever you decide you can guarantee that it will live up to your everyday living needs. Getting your kitchen ready for the summer couldn’t be simpler – read more about Leicester Kitchens.

Custom Made Outdoor Furniture

If your going outdoors in the summer and would like a nice wooden sitting area or furniture fitting into a specific area then we can help you achieve this by creating something bespoke to fit your needs. Although we don’t just provide outdoor furniture, now would be a great time to get outdoor furniture ready for the coming summer months. We also provide custom mouldings within your areas to enable precision fitting of your furniture. The best way to get started with creating your furniture is to contact us, send an image of the kind of thing you would like to see and we will contact you with an estimate and discuss your options further.

Timber Framed Buildings


At Leicester Carpentry we specialise in timber, and whilst we do provide a variety of hardwood and softwoods a timber framed building can be great addition for the outside of your home in the summer. Whether this be in the form of a conservatory, an outdoor area or something simple to congregate at  in the sun. As well as being a great option for the summer, it will also serve well all year round and add considerable value onto your home, making it not only a great addition to your outside but also a good investment.

General Carpentry and Joinery Services & More

Our services are varied and our experience is vast which stretches much further than standard carpentry and joinery work, our team can provide you with almost any home improvement services which includes building work and custom solutions. We are based in Leicester and cater for local customers in areas such as Loughborough, Market Harborough, Hinckley and the nearby areas but also provide bigger projects around the UK, having worked on many projects for the South of England in recent years.


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