Why Choose Custom Built Wardrobes for Your Home

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Why Choose Custom Built Wardrobes for Your Home

Installing a custom built wardrobe is an easy, cost-effective way to enhance the appearance and add value to your home. Built in wardrobes are a beautiful and simple way to add storage and organization to any room. This design addition both makes your day-to-day lives easier and helps your home to stand out. They can be built in a variety of styles and materials with a multitude of options to meet your needs and can be quickly and easily installed by a trained professional such as those at Leicester Carpentry.

Organize and Save Space


A built-in wardrobe offers many benefits. The design and layout aid organization and maximize storage in your available space. This storage solution is also a space-saver outside of the wardrobe, allowing you to eliminate other storage bins, cabinets, and wardrobes from the rest of the room. Your clothing, shoes, and accessories are easy to organize with the combination of hanging space, drawers and other storage options. Additionally, by having a place for everything, an organized storage unit makes it easier to view your clothing and accessories so you know what is there and what is not, saving you time. See our range of custom built furniture available in Leicester and the surrounding areas, this can include wardrobed and other fitted solutions.

Add Value to Your Home

In addition to the storage and space-saving benefits, custom wardrobes can increase the market value of your home. Financial website, This is Money, recently reported trouble for Britain’s property market suggesting that home prices could continue to fall for the next couple of years. Hardy Real Estate indicated that storage space was one of the most desirable property characteristics in 2015. With the current real estate market, having home features like these will be essential for setting your property apart and ensuring buyers will be willing to meet your expectations on price.

Variety of Options and Styles

Another major benefit is the numerous customization options available including various components and layouts, styles, and materials. You can choose from options that double your hanging space, provide differing numbers of drawers and bins depending on your needs, and include additional items like shoe organizers, pull outs, tie racks, and much more. All of these features are built into the layout that works best for your use and storage needs. The features you want can be constructed to match your personal style from various woods, plastics, or metals to work with any decor. Because models are customizable they can be designed to fit any space, adding the maximum amount of storage for the size you have available.

Adding a custom storage space to your home is a relatively straightforward process. Choose the design and options you prefer. A carpenter or other trained professional will install the wardrobe to your specifications using detailed measurements to ensure a customer fit. In a short time, you will have a space-saving storage solution that complements and adds value to your home.

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