Why choose wooden framed windows? – The benefits of using wood

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Wood is the foundation of most UK windows, lending a period appearance to the home that keeps tradition alive and well. With the advent of UPVC, or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, your home has another window frame option. However, you should choose wood frames for the best quality in material construction.

Our Leicester based Carpenters specialise in the area of wooden framed windows in particular for listed buildings, some of the benefits of choosing wood for your windows are below:

Good Insulation

Using wood for home construction is not all about convenience of available local lumber supplies. Wood insulates a building from cold, especially winter winds. Using wooden window frames keeps your home warm by impeding cold wind penetration. Your energy bill remains reasonable while the interior stays cozy.

Structural Integrity

Wood uses natural cellulose and strong fibers to withstand years of weathering. UPVC, in contrast, expands and contracts with cold or hot weather. As a result, installation requires expansion gaps in the UPVC frame to allow for movement. These gaps permit air to transfer between the outside and inside, effectively causing a constant draft. The gaps also provide an easy access point for thieves. Tools, such as crowbars, fit easily into gaps to move the frame out of the wall.


Depending on your home’s location and history, wooden frames retain the building’s authenticity and value. If you replace frames with UPVC, for example, the building appears modernized. For historical areas, this new look diminishes values and impedes local traditions. It is critical to replace wood windows with the same material to keep home prices steady.


Paint or stain your wood to create a unique appearance that matches your home. UPVC cannot create the same wood aesthetic. This painting versatility also prolongs the wood’s lifespan. By keeping it nourished with protective paint and oils, the wood fibers retain a longer lifespan than UPVC. You do not need to replace the frames repeatedly as the years pass.

Sustainable Sources

Choose your wooden window frames from certified, sustainable sources. UPVC material must be manufactured through processes that add harmful gasses to the atmosphere. Using sustainable wood allows you to conserve trees and reduce manufacturing gasses that harm the environment.

Select a wood frame style that suits your home and tastes. Our carpenters can easily alter a current style to mimic your old wood frames and recreate an authentic piece of history. Take pictures of your current windows to match frames in a showroom display. A close match in grain and design keeps your home looking like its authentic self over the years.

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